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Al Qur'an: Bangla Anubad

Alhamdulillah, this new translation of the Al-Qur'an in Bangla (Bengali) language is now available for shipping. Please place your order today.

This hard bound book in 3-column format has 848 pages. It has translation in Bangla, transliteration of Arabic in Bangla character, and easy-to-read Arabic Ayat. Please place your order now.

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Bangla Translation

Utmost care was taken to accurately translate the Qur'an, without adding or deleting words from the original Arabic text.

This Bangla translation follows sentence construction and grammar of the actual words of Allah (swt). No translation of the Qur'an is perfect. This translation is an attempt to provide as correct translation as possible.

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Transliteration in Bangla

Reciting the Qur'an (tilawat) in Arabic is a noble task. Many readers are unable to fluently recite the Qur'an, as they have limited reading ability of Arabic.

"Al-Qur'an: Bangla Anubad" provides transliteration in Bangla, with simple diacritical marks. Short practice will allow the readers to read the Arabic ayats in Bangla fonts. It is always better to read the Qur'an in Arabic font.

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Easy to read Arabic text

For easier recitation, "Al-Qur'an: Bangla Anubad" provides crisp, well-spaced, justified Arabic text. Excellent printing quality also facilitates the reading.

Paper quality is excellent. Carefully selected high quality paper reduces the weight of this 858 page hard bound book. The size and weight of the book enhances easy reading and recitation.

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Vast index

"Al-Qur'an: Bangla Anubad" has a rich collection of 52 pages of index. This is an excellent resource for speakers of Bangla. The index has hundreds of topics for a serious student of the Al-Qur'an.

In addition to reciting the Qur'an with proper tajweed and tarteel, it is crucial that we study the Qur'an. "Al-Qur'an: Bangla Anubad" provides important tools and resources to the readers.

কুর’আন শরীফের বাংলা তরজমা গ্রন্থ প্রকাশ হয়েছে।